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Our Beliefs

We believe in family.

We believe that conversations flow smoother over warm bowls of hearty soups.

We believe in scratch-made breakfasts and simmering pots of homemade chili.


We believe that partnering with local, organic producers and farmers who know their seeds and soil benefits everyone. We believe it’s necessary to know where our food comes from and how it’s grown.

We believe in honoring the seasons and honoring the people that grow, raise and harvest our food.

We believe in the power and importance of community. Where possible we offer in-kind and monetary support to help non-profits in their community work. By having a space for local artist, we can help feed the hearts and the imagination of the community. 

We value our customers and families and strive to learn their names and their favorite orders.

We believe that by treating each other with love and respect, all will feel welcome at the table.

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